Making Scrunchies

by: Kathy Somers

* Scrunchies are great pony tail holders for your hair, as they don't damage or leave any ridges when taken out. They will hold any amount of hair comfortably and securely. They can be made to match outfits and give the illusion of a hair bow -- very pretty. The directions below take less that 5 minutes and there is NO limit on the choice of fabrics you can use.

* First, cut a piece of any fabric (cotton holds best) about 6-1/2" x 24". Fold it lengthwise, right sides together, and stitch (or serge) along the long edge to form a tube. Turn the tube right side out (pressing is optional).

* Fold the tube in half and bring the ends together so all raw edges match. Sewing only the inner two layers and leaving the outer layers free, sew as far around the tube as possible, ideally part way around to the other side of the tube but leaving at least 2" open to get the elastic thru.

* Cut a piece of good, strong elastic (I use 1/2" wide - not the weak 1/4" stuff) 6-1/2" long. Fasten one end so you don't lose it and feed the other end thru the tube, gathering the tube as you go and coming out the opening left in the end. Pull both ends of the elastic out far enough to zigzag them together securely.

* Slip stitch the opening closed and viola! you have a hair scrunchie to match your favorite outfit. Make dozens! Thousands! There is no end to the fun :)

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