Kath's Rag-Time Quilt

This quilt was made at the June, 2003 #QuiltChat "Spring Fling" Retreat and took twenty-nine (29) 5/8 yd. pieces of flannel and homespun, as well as 7-1/2 yds. of tan flannel batting to make.  It was made in reds, greens, golds and tans to match my living room curtains.

The quilting and sewing was easy with the help of a walking foot. The squares were pre-layered (with the same fabric front and back) and quilted before assembling with 1 inch seam allowances showing on the front. After sewing, the seam allowances were clipped at 1/2 inch intervals and the quilt was washed and dried twice. The seam allowances frayed to a lovely, chenille-like effect between the squares. I am very pleased with this comfy, cozy quilt.

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